We invite older people to attend integration courses

The Association Integration Europe - East has launched another activity under the project 'INTEURO - a programme for the integration and professional activation of foreigners in the Swietokrzyskie Voivodeship. 
It is about integration courses in which several hundred people will participate. Seniors can already sign up for classes.

What is planned for senior citizens?

The course provides for various forms of physical and mental activity. The meetings will be both an opportunity to get to know local culture, history and traditions (walking rallies around Kielce, sightseeing tours of the Swietokrzyskie region) and a pretext for interesting lectures and discussions on the current socio-political situation in Poland and Ukraine. Seniors can also expect activities related to the promotion of mental fitness. There will also be integration with the local community and the voluntary sector, film screenings and art workshops.

Terms and conditions of participation:
We start on 5 April at 12:00. We will meet for 5 consecutive Fridays per course. We provide catering free of charge for each of the meetings.
Important: it is obligatory for a registered person to attend all days of the course!

Please enrol by calling  +48573338377

You can also use the online form:


Participation is free of charge!

The number of participants is limited!

The project is co-financed by the European Funds for Swietokrzyskie programme.